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Tim Hunter
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Moira Dunn

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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

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Troy Township Democrats By-Laws



Whereas the Troy Township Democrats have operated since its inception without a set of by-laws the following articles are hereby adopted by the membership of this organization. A unanimous vote having been taken by the duly elected/and or appointed Precinct Committeemen of the Troy Township Democrats, present on this Sixteenth Day of January, 2013, and by that vote having approved the following articles as the by-laws of the organization, we the duly elected/ and or appointed Committeemen of Troy Township do here by affix our signatures below as evidence that we have approved these articles on behalf of the whole. Let the articles below therefore be, and they are therefore, the only by-laws for the Troy Township Democrats.



Troy Township Democrats Mission Statement

The mission of the Troy Township Democrats shall be to improve the lives of all residents of Troy Township through strong participation in democracy and the processes that are intended to preserve personal freedom for all. We shall consider it our duty to register people to vote, to educate voters, and to encourage citizens to participate in the election process by voting. We will support Democratic Party candidates for National, State, County and local offices. We shall endeavor to create a society that promotes the general welfare of the residents of Troy Township, and which promotes the participation of all members of the community in civic matters.



Article 1


The following articles, having been approved by a vote of the duly elected/ and or appointed Precinct Committeemen of Troy Township, are hereby adopted and shall be known as the by-laws of the Troy Township Democrats.


1.1 - Whereas the existing Law of Will County, Illinois refers to Precinct Committeemen in the singular as a Committeeman, without acknowledgement of gender, this body shall similarly defer to that term.


1.2 – If the existing law of Will County shall be modified to include terms that refer to committeemen so as to acknowledge gender differentiation the terminology herein used in compliance with the law may be so modified. No vote shall be required to comply with such law.


Article 2


At a convention held for The Troy Township Democrats, the eligible elected Committeemen of Troy Township did on May 2, 2006 elect a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, Secretary and a Treasurer. We do hereby modify that action as follows: In all succeeding conventions to be held henceforth, the Chairman, after having been duly elected by vote according to these by-laws, shall appoint a First Vice Chairman, a Second Vice Chairman, A Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Sergeant-at-Arms. Such appointments shall be approved by a majority of the eligible voters present.


2.1 - The Chairman shall make additional appointments as needed except that the creation of a new office hereafter shall require the approval by vote of a majority of the Committeemen present when a vote for the creation of such office shall be taken. The current Chairman, being seated at the time of the adoption of these by-laws, shall be empowered to make such additional appointments as prescribed in this article.


2.2 – The Chairman, the First Vice Chairman, The second Vice Chairman, the Secretary, Treasurer, and all other official positions that may be created by the Chairman shall be known collectively as The Executive Board.


2.3 – The Chairman shall preside over all meetings and activities or meetings that are conducted by the Executive Board.  If the Chairman is unavailable, the pro tem shall go to the First Vice Chairman to the least senior Executive Board member.


Article 3

Term of Executive Board Members

The Chairman, First Vice Chairman, Second Vice Chairman, Secretary, and the Treasurer who were duly elected by vote shall serve in good conduct for two years the conditions of Article 2 notwithstanding.  If an Executive Board member resigns, refer to the Election year to the next election year of committeemen to Article 12 for replacement of that vacated position.



Article 4


The Organization shall convene a convention every two years to elect a Chairman. The convention shall be convened as soon as possible after the closing of the Will County Central Democratic Committee Convention but no later than thirty days from that closing.


Article 5


The duly elected Chairman shall serve his office for a period of two years. The terms of officers appointed by the Chairman shall end when the term of the Chairman expires.


5.1 - If a Chairman is re-elected to serve an additional term in office he shall appoint officers for the respective offices that serve as his Executive Board.  This shall be subject to approval from a 2/3 majority of elected/and or appointed committeeman present at the meeting of appointment.


5.2 - The Chairman may re-appoint any officer who has previously served him or he may replace any officer upon his re-election as the Chairman. The Chairman may appoint an officer who has previously served in office to any office that may be vacant at that time.  The officer needs to be eligible per 5.5.


5.3 – The Chairman may replace any appointee. All such actions shall be approved by a majority of the eligible voters present.


5.4 - In the event of catastrophe or other event beyond the control of the organization that may make it impossible or impractical to hold a convention, the Chairman and his appointed officers shall continue to serve with full authority to conduct the affairs of their respective offices until such time as a convention can be safely and properly convened.


5.5 - All officers must be elected or appointed committeemen.



Article 6


Any Chairman or other officer shall be removed from his office upon a dereliction of his/her duties of office or acts of immoral turpitude.  A petition must be signed by 25% of the precinct committeemen to raise an impeachment issue, and a 3/4 majority to act on the petition. 


6.1 - The fact that a Chairman or other officer is under indictment or investigation shall not in and of itself be cause for removal from office. The membership may call for a vote to suspend any officer who has been indicted or who may be under investigation of any felonious crime. Such suspension shall require a two-thirds vote approval.


6.2 - If such officer shall not be convicted of a felony that officer shall be restored to his rightful office. Impeachment for conviction of a felony shall require only proof of conviction and no vote shall be required. The matter shall be discussed publicly and the facts presented to the membership prior to the official implementation of the impeachment and removal from office.


Article 7


The organization shall convene a meeting at least one time each calendar month. The time and place of such meetings shall be established by a majority vote of the Committeemen. The time and place of the meeting may be altered by motion from time to time by a majority vote.  When possible, meetings shall be held within the Troy Township boundaries.


7.1 – Meetings shall be conducted procedurally in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order. In the event that a conflict exists between these by-laws and Roberts Rules of Order these by-laws shall prevail unless such prevalence shall be in conflict with civil law, criminal law, or administrative law.


7.2 – The Secretary shall notify the membership at large of the dates of all meetings, the time and place. Such notification shall be made no less than one week (7 days) prior to the meeting, section 9.5 excluded.


7.3 – Notification of members pursuant to sec. 7.2 of this article may be made by electronic means.


7.4 – A meeting may be cancelled or postponed by motion.



Article 8


All duly elected Committeemen or those appointed by the D.O.T.T. Chairman shall be entitled to one vote in all matters brought upon motion and seconded or in motions that do not require a second.


8.1 - This article shall not apply to Convention votes. Only duly elected Precinct Committeeman may cast votes at a convention held to elect the Chairman.


Article 9


The membership shall adopt rules and voting procedures for each convention. The value of a vote, whether weighted or singular, shall be established in such rules. The rules established for such convention shall comply with these by-laws.


9.1 – Such rules shall be unique to the particular convention. Thus in one election the rules may use a weighted vote but in a different convention the rules may provide for a singular, one vote option.


9.2 – The Chairman may appoint a committee to develop such Convention Rules and Procedures. Such committee shall present those rules and procedures to the membership at large who may by vote adopt, modify, or reject them in part or in their entirety.


9.3 – In the event that the membership shall reject such rules and/ or procedures the Committee shall convene to consider any changes or amendments that may have been proffered. The committee shall then resubmit their modifications to the membership for a vote at a subsequent meeting.


9.4 – Convention rules and/or procedures shall be ratified by the membership no less than thirty, (30) days prior to the holding of a convention.


9.5 – Extra additional meetings may be convened for the purpose of ratifying such rules and/or procedures. Such meetings shall be held to avoid a conflict between the need to hold the convention at a date in accordance with these rules and to have rules and procedures in place for the proper convening of the convention according to these articles.



Article 10


Committees shall be established from time to time for the purpose of conducting business of the organization, for research, for community service, and to do any of the things the Organization may properly do by law.


10.1 - All committees shall be temporary in nature but may continue in service so long as it shall be deemed that such committee is needed.


10.2 - It shall be the duty of the Chairman to establish a committee or committees. The Chairman shall terminate the service of a committee at any time should he deem that its service is no longer needed.


10.3 - A person may sit on a committee who is not an elected Committeeman.


10.4 – The members of the committee shall present a written report of their activities to the membership or in advance to the Executive Board should that be deemed appropriate prior to a vote.


10.5 – Upon the dissolution of a committee the Secretary shall note their service in the record.


10.6 - The Chair shall formerly acknowledge the service of a committee after the dissolution of the committee.


Article 11


The Chairman shall be responsible to oversee all business of the Troy Township Democrats. The Chairman shall fulfill all duties required of him by law and he shall cast all votes required of him by the Will County Democratic Central Committee. The Chairman shall assign responsibilities to his appointees and to Precinct Committeemen.


11.1 - The Chairman shall appoint The First Vice Chairman. He shall perform those duties that are assigned to him or her by the Chairman. In any absence of the Chairman the First Vice Chairman shall be the acting chairman.


11.2 – The Chairman shall appoint the Second Vice Chairman.  He shall perform those duties that are assigned to him or her by the Chairman. In any absence of the Chairman and the First Vice Chairman the Second Vice Chairman shall be the acting chairman.


11.3 – The Chairman shall appoint the Secretary. The Secretary shall perform all record keeping, vote tallying and other secretarial duties prescribed by the Chairman. The Secretary shall maintain records of all committees. The Secretary shall take a roll call at each meeting to determine the presence of each Committeeman in attendance. The Secretary shall preserve all reports and perform those functions required by law.


11.4 –The Secretary shall cooperate with the Treasurer to file timely documents relating to the organization’s activities that are required by law. The Secretary shall preserve all reports, pictures or other data, including those that may be delivered to him or her by the Sergeant-at-Arms.


11.5 – The Chairman shall appoint the Treasurer. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all bank deposits and for maintaining all financial records relating to the funds and expenditures of the organization. The Treasurer shall issue checks and endorse checks for deposit in any bank accounts that may be established for the organization.


11.6 - The Treasurer and the Chairman shall co-sign all checks that are issued by the organization.


11.6a – The Secretary shall be a signatory on the checking account with the Chairman and the Treasurer.


11.6b – The Secretary shall be authorized to co-sign checks in the absence of either the Chairman or the Treasurer.


11.7 - The Treasurer shall cooperate with the Secretary to file timely documents relating to the organization’s activities that are required by law. The Treasurer shall comply with all requirements of the law.


11.7a – The Treasurer shall oversee the Finance Committee and its sub-committees.


11.8 – The Chairman shall appoint the Sergeant-at-Arms. The Sergeant-at-Arms shall maintain order prior to, during and after all organizational meetings or affairs. When a call to order has been made by the Chairman it shall be the duty of the Sergeant-at-Arms to enforce the order. In the event that such disorder shall persist after attempts to restore order the Sergeant-at-Arms shall ask the offender to leave the premises. In the event that order cannot be restored without additional intervention the Sergeant-at-Arms shall immediately call for police assistance. The Sergeant-at-Arms shall be responsible to properly display the American Flag during meetings and shall remove the flag for safe and secure keeping until it is next displayed. The Sergeant-at-Arms shall inspect the premises at which an organizational activity has been conducted and shall assure that the premises are restored to the condition in which they were found prior to the affair; except that in the case of any damages that may have been incurred to any property he or she shall keep an accurate report of the same and if necessary obtain a copy of any report(s) that may have been filed by any law enforcement agency. All reports, pictures or other pertinent data of any such damage shall be given to the Secretary.


11.9 – The Sergeant-at-Arms is not a member of the Executive Board but may be present at meetings of the Executive Board by invitation of the Chairman.


11.10 – The Sergeant-at-Arms can be, but is not required to be, either an appointed or elected committeeman.



Article 12


In the event that the Chairman shall be unable to serve his office for any reason that shall prevent him or her from fulfilling the duties of that office for a period of six months or longer, by motion, the First Vice Chairman shall assume the office of the Chairman and thereafter, within thirty days thereof, appoint a replacement to assume the duties of the First Vice Chairman. The Chairman pro-tem shall serve the remainder of the term vacated by the elected Chairman. The Chairman pro-tem shall assume all authority that has been assigned to the office of chairman.


Article 13


The Chairman shall establish a committee annually whose function shall be to organize fundraising events. Fundraising may be carried out as often as is practicable by the organization except that there shall be one annual fundraising event conducted by the organization. The committee shall be known as the Fundraising Committee and it shall operate under the supervision of the Chairman and the Treasurer.


13.1 – The Fundraising Committee shall be a sub-committee of the Finance Committee.


13.2 - The Fundraising Committee shall keep records of its activities and lists of the donors with amounts contributed and other pertinent data.


13.2a – The Fundraising Committee shall provide copies of its records to the Treasurer and to the Secretary.


13.3 – Funding of the Fundraising Committee to fulfill its duties shall be authorized by vote.


13.4 - The Fundraising Committee shall be responsible for working with the Chairman, Treasurer and the Secretary to select a location at which a fundraising function shall be conducted; to arrange for the funding of such an event, and all other functions including but not limited to obtaining food, beverages, entertainment, prizes, or decorations for the event.


13.5 – A vote shall be required to approve decisions that are made pursuant to sec. 13.4.


13.6 - The Fundraising Committee shall be responsible for obtaining appropriate tickets for the event and for the production of any manner of publicity that may be necessary to promote the fundraising.


Article 14


Precinct Committeemen are elected by law or appointed by the Chairman of the Troy Township Democrats, and are subject to the laws of the county and state that pertain to their office.


14.1 Precinct Committeemen shall be responsible for the appointment of election judges within their own precinct.


14.2 - Committeemen are eligible by law to be appointed as Deputy Voter Registrars by the Will County Clerk. All Precinct Committeemen should avail themselves of the opportunity to become a Voter Registrar.


14.3 - The Precinct Committeeman shall be responsible for the distribution of political materials that are supplied to him or her for distribution within his or her precinct.


14.4 - The Precinct Committeeman shall post signs within his or her precinct that have been supplied by candidates and those signs shall not be posted prior to the date allowed by law. The signs shall be removed no later than the date established by law for their removal.


14.5 - It shall be the duty of the Committeeman to make him or herself known to the voters of the precinct over which he or she presides. The Committeeman shall promote voter registration within his or her precinct. The Committeeman shall promote the election of Democratic candidates in all elections.


14.6 - Block Captains - The Precinct Committeeman may establish an organization within his or her precinct for the purpose of assisting in the posting of signs and campaign literature for Democratic candidates. The volunteers who are enlisted to assist the Precinct Committeeman shall be known as Block Captains. The Precinct Committeeman shall instruct the Block Captains as to how and where to post signs and in the proper distribution of campaign materials for the Democratic candidates. A Block Captain shall not be required to reside within the Precinct.



Article 15


No Officer, Committeeman, or Block Captain shall communicate information or opinions to any manner of news media unless such information has been first examined and approved by the Chairman regarding the opinions or business of the Troy Township Democrats..  The Chairman shall be the defacto spokesperson of the Troy Township Democrats, unless the Chairman has otherwise appointed another spokesperson to represent the Troy Township Democrats.


Article 16


The Chairman shall submit a plan to the membership annually for the registration of voters within the township.  All Precinct Committeemen are eligible to become Deputy Voter Registrars. The Chairman shall encourage each Precinct Committeeman, elected or appointed, to become a Deputy Voter Registrar. Deputy Voter Registrars are trained and certified by the Will County Clerk.


16.1 - The Chairman shall appoint a committee whose purpose shall be to register voters who for any reason are not registered to vote within their specific precincts. That committee shall assist committeemen to register voters and shall provide Deputy Voter Registrars to assist Committeemen who are not Deputy Voter Registrars.


16.2 - The Committee shall submit biannual reports to the membership and submit a written record to the Secretary of all newly registered voters.


Article 17


The Chairman shall annually appoint a Finance Committee. The Treasurer shall be the Chairman of the Finance Committee. The Chairman and the Treasurer shall define the duties of the Finance Committee.


17.1 – The Finance Committee shall assist the sub-committees of the Finance Committee.


17.2 – The Fundraising Committee shall be a sub-committee of the Finance Committee.


17.3 – The Treasurer shall be in control of the Finance Committee and its sub-committees and shall supervise their activities.


Article 18


This constitution and by-laws may be amended at any convention of the Troy Township Democrats, or at any special convention convened for that express purpose.


18.1 – Any member of the Troy Township Democrats. may propose an amendment to these by-laws and constitution.


18.2 – All proposed amendments must be made in writing and must be presented to the Chair and to the Executive Board. The Chairman and the Executive Board shall examine every suggested amendment.


18.3 –The Executive Board shall vote upon the merits of said proposed amendment. If they shall determine that the amendment is duplicitous, is without merit, is frivolous or is incorporated within existing by-law(s)the Chairman and the Executive Board shall report their determinations to the membership at the next regular meeting. If the Chairman and his Executive Board shall determine that the proposed amendment is not duplicitous, is not without merit, is not frivolous, and is not currently incorporated within an existing by-law(s) the Chairman and his Executive Board shall report their findings and the Board’s vote to the membership at large at the next regular meeting.


18.4 - The Chairman shall report the determinations and vote of the Executive Board to the membership and call for a vote to (1) quash the proposed amendment, or (2) proceed to discussions of the proposed amendment.


18.5 – A committee may be appointed by the Chairman to make further determinations concerning any proposed amendment.


18.6 – The determinations of such committee shall be presented at the earliest regular meeting. The Chairman shall call for further discussion.


18.7 – At the conclusion of all committee reports and all further discussion the Chairman shall call for a vote to determine if the membership wishes to convene a convention at which to vote upon the proposed amendment change.


18.8 – No less than seven days (7) prior to the convention the Secretary shall notify all eligible voters within the membership of the time and place of the convention at which the proposed amendment(s) will be voted upon.


18.9 – An amendment shall be passed if two-thirds of the elected or appointed Precinct Committeemen, who cast votes, vote to adopt the amendment.


18.10 – An amendment that is adopted shall become a by-law or section of a by-law commencing with the next business day unless the membership shall vote for some other date for its inception.


18.20 – Any proposed amendment that fails to be adopted by vote may not be proposed as an amendment to the by-laws again for a period of 6 months (6).


18.21 – A tabled amendment may not be given further consideration until and unless there is an appropriate motion of reconsideration passed to bring it to the floor for discussion.


Article 19


There shall not be less than five (5) Committeemen present to have a quorum at any regular meeting.


19.1 – No motions may be made without a quorum other than a motion to adjourn.


19.2 – Discussions of business may be conducted but no votes may be taken without a quorum.


Article 20


The Troy Township Democrats cannot dissolve while there are three (3) dissenting Committeemen. In the event of secession, dissolution, or disaffiliation, all properties, funds and assets, both real and personal, shall become properties of the Will County Democratic Central Committee. Under no circumstances shall any properties be distributed among the members of the Troy Township Democrats.




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